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Barrier-free access to the tree canopy walkway at a height of 31 metres.

The main attraction of the Bad Iburg National Horticultural Show was realised in collaboration with PASCHAL with a tight construction schedule.

The lift shaft for the barrier-free access to the tree canopy walkway rises up to a height of 31 metres and provides all visitors with barrier-free access to the steel-supported pathways at a lofty height of 10 to 28 metres. The 440 metre long canopy walkway meanders around 630 mapped trees.

The highlight of the National Horticultural Show

The 31 metre tall reinforced concrete tower accommodates the lift shaft and serves as a bearing and support point for the V-shaped steel construction with surrounding staircase.
Several platforms are interconnected at the stairway to the sky. There is the option to get in or out of the lift with no barriers at two platforms.
The local construction company Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH received at short notice the contract to finish the reinforced concrete structure for the lift shaft before the onset of winter so that the steel construction work could subsequently start.
As a longterm customer and a real fan of PASCHAL, Jens Holtmeyer turned to the formwork manufacturer from Steinach, Germany. Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH has its own PASCHAL systems but does not have any climbing systems that are absolutely essential for a reinforced concrete tower project.

Rapid construction schedule - complex foundations

This had to be done quickly due to the order being placed at short notice and the approaching winter. Furthermore, there was the fact that all foundation works, both for the lift shaft and the foundation for the steel tree canopy walkway supports required bored piles that were complex and time-intensive to realise

31 metre high lift shaft

Foundation structure for the lift shaft with supporting ground slab for the steel stairca structure

The 8.5 x 8.5 metre base plate with a thickness of 0.80 metres was built on 16 bored piles. The lift passage is bordered by 1.20 metre thick reinforced concrete walls and extends to a depth of 1.30 metres. Underneath this is a reinforced base plate with a thickness of 0.50 metres. Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH used the LOGO.3 system from PASCHAL for the formwork for the base structure. The 0.30 metre thick reinforced concrete shaft walls with a clearance dimension of 2.75 m / 2.75 m are based on the 0.80 m thick steel reinforced base plate. The lift shaft built on this was concreted by Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH using just two PASCHAL systems.

Fully developed formwork systems and perfect pre-planning

LOGO.3 with dismantling inside corner posts was used for the internal formwork. The dismantling inside corner posts are particularly suitable for fast assembly and dismantling. After pulling together, the complete internal formwork unit was then lifted to the next concreting section with just one crane lift. This was carried out 11 times with the construction site crane.
For the outer formwork of the shaft, LOGO.3 was combined with the 240 cm climbing system.


The steel reinforced concrete work for the 31 metre high lift shaft was almost finished by the middle of November 2017. The rapid construction progress was facilitated by the PASCHAL systems; here a complete climbing unit including a vertical formwork unit with platform(s) and protective scaffolding is coupled just once and is then lifted to the next level with just one crane lift.

Practical and efficient formwork planning

The PASCHAL formwork experts developed the ideal formwork proposal for the Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH team within a very short time period. They ensured that the construction company required just 4 climbing units.

Anchored securely with the M30/DW15 climbing cone

The climbing cone developed by PASCHAL is approved by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (DIBt) for anchoring depths from 250 to 400 mm as a normal wall anchoring (Approval no.: Z-21.6.2042). As a result, there is a standardised system for the anchoring of cantilever brackets available for all PASCHAL climbing and platform systems.

In coordination with the structural engineer, the Steinach formwork experts planned the concreting sections and the anchoring heights such that the 1st concreting section had a height of 3.05 metres and therefore the subsequent concreting sections could be repeated 9 times with a height of 2.90 metres.
To complete the shaft on top, it was only necessary to carry out a concreting section with a height of 2.00 metres that was finished with the horizontal shaft cover.

Formwork planning
Jens Holtmeyer received a large number of his colleagues as guests on the construction site shortly before the completion of the reinforced concrete shaft. The construction specialists were impressed by the rapid construction progress and the PASCHAL services, for example the completion of self-explanatory drawings for the work pre-planning.

One "wedding" is enough

A complete climbing unit including a vertical formwork unit with platform(s) and protective scaffolding is coupled just once and is then lifted to the next level with just one crane lift. Arriving at the site, the complete unit is anchored in the finished reinforced concrete structure with a total of 2 anchoring points.
A 36-hour hardening period for the fresh concrete was specified in order to secure the subsequent anchoring points for the lift shaft in Bad Iburg. For the final concrete sections in the middle of November 2017, Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH used a C 35/45 concrete due to the cold weather conditions.

Work preparation is the most significant factor.

Jens Holtmeyer and his team were using the PASCHAL climbing system for the first time. He and his employees were also full of praise for the service provided by PASCHAL. Holtmeyer Bauunternehmen GmbH received a large number of their colleagues as guests on the construction site shortly before the completion of the reinforced concrete shaft and they wanted to see the fast and precise construction progress by themselves.
Jens Holtmeyer and foreman Daniel Hehmann talked about the PASCHAL formwork plan at this construction site visit. "The PASCHAL work preparation documents were planned in such a detailed and clear manner that my team were able to securely assemble the climbing units at the first attempt. Before using the climbing unit for the first time, a PASCHAL fitter made certain of the exact assembly and he had no objections".
The sophisticated manner in which PASCHAL supports the construction projects of its customers is shown by the clear drawings from PASCHAL, planned and designed with their own PASCHAL-Plan pro software.

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