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PASCHAL for the 1st time at the Excon International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair

At the Excon exhibition in Bengaluru from the 12th to the 16th of December 2017, PASCHAL will present wall, column and slab formwork

Given its long-standing presence in the Indian construction market, PASCHAL is concentrating its exhibits on the primary applications in the Indian world.
In hall 4, booth S546 PASCHAL will demonstrate the practical application options, the system diversity and the compatibility of the systems and components for quick and easy use in reinforced concrete construction on a 42 m² booth. Upon request extremely well-trained formwork experts with a great deal of practical experience will show visitors to the booth the simple handling and also some of the numerous constructions and projects completed.

The following will be presented and demonstrated at Excon in Bengaluru:

Modular formwork

Modular formwork
Modular universal formwork on a building site in India.

The Modular universal formwork is preferred for use in formwork for foundations, walls, columns, beams, shafts and pre-cast concrete components. As a result of the comprehensive range of elements, it can be used both as hand-set and large-size formwork. The modular design principle enables simple and quick handling, even by unskilled labour.

Modular column formwork

Modular column formwork
The adjustable Modular column formwork in practical use.

As a practical system expansion of the Modular formwork system, at Excon PASCHAL will be exhibiting the adjustable Modular column formwork with which both square and rectangular reinforced concrete columns with external dimensions from 20 to 50 cm in increments of 5 centimetres can be formed. The simple windmill principle allows you to form a wide variety of different reinforced concrete columns from just a few individual panels of the adjustable Modular column formwork. Depending on availability and space constraints, the formwork systems can be moved completely by using a crane or can be dismantled into individual components and transported, assembled and dismantled manually.

LOGO column formwork

LOGO column formwork

Components from the Logo system can be used as column formwork with the special advantage that you can use already existing material. You do not need any special column panels, but simply take the same LOGO multi-purpose panels which you otherwise use to form right-angled corners.


PASCHAL Deck - versatile slab formwork for ceilings in residential and industrial buildings.

PASCHAL Deck is a flexible slab formwork consisting of three main components:

  • Plywood
  • H 20 girder
  • Slab prop

This system is ideal for use with different slab thicknesses, as only the statically
necessary parts are used. Loose plywood plates, supported by H 20 girders, (cross
girders) serve as decking. The same H 20 girders are used as main girders to support the cross girders. The same parts can be used in both directions.
The flexibility of the system, i.e. its ability to adapt to various different room sizes,
comes from the overlapping of the H 20 girders. It is of no significance whether the
girders are used as main girders or cross girders. Overlapping in any dimension is
possible in either direction. Similarly the main girders and cross girders can be turned in the statically required direction for slanting T-walls, wall abutments, bays, circular structures, etc.

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