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The PPL 12.0 formwork software supports the complex BIM process in all respects.

With PPL 12.0, using the digital 3D models for work preparation, phasing and automatic formwork planning with material lists for scheduling and managing the formwork is made a reality across the board. The interface to the PASCHAL AR app makes it possible to use in mobile form on the construction site.

The experts at planitec GmbH, together with the PASCHAL formwork professionals, have developed numerous new features, which have all been tested in practice and are available in version 12.0. PPL 12.0 was presented to experts for the first time during bauma 2019.

PASCHAL-Plan light (PPL) is now the formwork reference software throughout the whole BIM process.

As an active member in buildingSMART e. V., planitec GmbH is committed to the consistent incorporation of formwork planning in the open BIM process.
As an affiliated company of PASCHAL, planitec GmbH is particularly pre-destined for this purpose, as full expert knowledge with practical experience gained by construction experts, formwork engineers and IT specialists is combined here in the PPL software application. Our motto: by BIM experts for BIM users, from planning and construction through to completion.

PPL 12.0 supports the complex BIM process in all respects.
PPL 12.0 could have been witnessed live during bauma 2019. Among other things, the planitec experts proved to visitors what PPL 12.0 is already capable of - from the 3D design model taking into account all trades to the perfect concrete construction, optimised in terms of work and business management, with just one formwork planning software.

What people are still talking about elsewhere, exhibition visitors to PASCHAL and planitec could have been witnessed in person during bauma 2019.

At the stand on the open exhibition area North, stand no. 618/2, construction specialists, BIM experts and users experienced a number of practical improvements, additions and features provided by PPL 12.0 to make work easier.
PPL 12.0 has been improved to such an extent that it now contains an IFC interface for importing and exporting data. Also totally new is an additional module for manufacturer-independent formwork planning. The innovation of an interface to the PASCHAL AR app dots on the i.

IFC interface for importing and exporting data.

The existing IFC interface for importing has been extended by adding the export function to ensure the exchange of information in the multi-trade open BIM process between all those involved in the construction in an object-oriented and consistent manner. This enables data relating to the shell model to be reliably passed on from the planner to the structural engineer as well as work to be prepared by the construction company for the formwork planning.
The optimised formwork planning takes place automatically for the entire construction project by means of the integrated product database. The required formwork solutions can then be illustrated, plotted and exported in 2D and 3D in various levels of detail (LODs).

PPL 12.0 is a manufacturer-independent formwork software for concrete construction projects

PPL 12.0 allows primarily civil engineering projects to be easily, practically and automatically planned independent of the manufacturer. In version 12.0, more formwork components and accessories have been added to the PASCHAL product database with full details.
In addition, two panel formwork families (type 1 and type 2 system) have been implemented in the "60/120" module.
For the users of PPL 12.0 this has the unique benefit that PPL 12.0 can be used to carry out all formwork planning for all projects, meaning that only one formwork software program has to be acquired and learnt, even if using formwork systems from various manufacturers.
Over and above this, one-sided walls, so-called single-sided formwork, can now be automatically planned, calculated and used as a material list for logistics with PPL 12.0.

Fully automatic formwork software
PPL 12.0 - the fully automatic formwork software supports the construction workflow of the entire project during the formwork planning and all construction phases, including material scheduling and administration up to the formwork assembly and dismantling times for the reliable work preparation for the optimal construction workflow in relation to the building schedule.

Manual interventions are checked by smart formwork rules.

In addition to fully automated formwork planning, PPL 12.0 enables "manual" formwork assembly from a library of elements, for example to be able to take into account country-specific safety requirements, work procedures and special specifications and requests during construction according to formwork technology, which frequently happens when it comes to exposed concrete requirements.
In version 12.0, for instance, accessories such as platform brackets and props in the range can only be placed at the right attachment points on the formwork or also moved there. For this purpose, the products stored in the database have been provided with smart plausibility points. In this way accessories can only be attached where possible in line with the system. Errors are thereby ruled out.

Mobile data use with the interface from PPL 12.0 to the PASCHAL AR app.

The developers of PPL 12.0 have, with the PASCHAL AR interface, made everything totally consistent from the 3D formwork model across all process steps on the construction site, from delivering the formwork, setting it up, checking the structure and use, through to billing. The result in the AR app shows the respective current state of planning.
This makes formwork tasks even easier and verifiable for the construction management team according to the current planning. The PASCHAL AR app can therefore also be used to make product and user training sessions illustrative.

The PASCHAL AR app can be used under both iOS and Android.

Building yard and warehouse management

The warehouse module for material planning and administration has been adapted for all the new features and additions. The construction companies are thus able to depict their complete building yard management including all formwork systems - regardless of the manufacturer - all construction equipment, construction machinery, building site equipment, accessories and consumables in one program and can record and track all warehouse movements such as new deliveries, additions on building sites and their returns. "Warehouse" documents dynamically, so that, for example, the formwork planning is compared with the available stock and adapted accordingly. The use of the "Warehouse" module utilises the inventory in an optimal way and thus reduces investments and capital lock-up for the construction company.
The "shortage" function reveals bottlenecks early even at the planning stage, meaning that the company can order more material in good time or even rent it during peak demand.

PPL 12.0 runs independently of the software operating system due to the Java-based programming both on Windows and Mac computers. It can be installed on the common operating systems, Windows (64 bit), Linux, Unix and OS X.

Available from July 2019

PPL 12.0 will be available for trading partners with upgrade authorization from 26 July 2019.
All trading partners who (want to) operate PPL 12.0 as a cloud solution will be notified of the availability date on 12 July 2019.

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