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11.09.2020 Innovative NeoR lightweight formwork as a further development of the Modular universal formwork
With the new NeoR formwork system, PASCHAL offers a modern lightweight formwork system that offers impressive versatility and a clever design.
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NeoR formwork panel
07.09.2020 Pilot project in Essen: passes practical test
The new formwork solution with anchor technology that can be operated from one side was unveiled at bauma 2019, and now is being used successfully for the first time on a test site.
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24.08.2020 Major (e-)mobility project and its successful implementation
The rapid progress made in the major project by the Graf Hardenberg Group in Karlsruhe is being made possible with the extensive support from PASCHAL.
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Major project of Graf Hardenberg
12.08.2020 Reaching for the stars with PASCHAL - the new planetarium in Halle, Germany
The city of Halle is building a new planetarium in the former gasometer in Holzplatz square. The new building, which is financed by funds intended for repairing the flood damage, is being built using formwork and shoring systems from PASCHAL.
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New planetarium built using formwork from PASCHAL
27.07.2020 Practical increase in efficiency with the LOGO. 3 thanks to fewer tie points
Intelligent formwork and formwork planning alleviates the problem of a shortage of skilled labour and time pressure. PASCHAL makes it possible and shows how it is put into practice.
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LOGO.3 formwork panels with wedge clamp

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