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Software for the formwork planning: Comfort combined with planning dependability

Planning dependability and predictable, transparent processes are indispensable for successful construction processes. The IT-specialist planitec is a member of the PASCHAL-Group who has developed modern, easy-to-use software systems for these fields of application which encompass all functions necessary for the perfect planning and organization of building processes: Starting off with automated formwork planning using PASCHAL-Plan light and continuing with differentiated AutoCAD formwork planning with PASCHAL-Plan pro, right up to using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) process with PASCHAL Ident for the organization and administration of modern formwork parks.

PPL 11.0
PP Pro


The PASCHAL Ident-Technology has become a world-wide success: it assigns formwork modules a discrete electronic identification number which makes the tagged item identifiable – this is a process made possible by modern transponder technology for the first time in the field of formwork modules. PASCHAL’s software provides previously unattainable planning dependability and ease of administration: these advantages are also available as an added benefit for the PASCHAL Modular Universal Formwork and the PASCHAL large-size formwork LOGO.3.
PASCHAL Ident offers added benefit when it comes to financing details: transponder-tagged formwork modules may be offered as collateral to Finance Institutions for the financing of “Formwork systems including accessories”. By applying software from PASCHAL the use of formwork can be planned optimally. Thus formwork drawings and necessary material lists can be established.

PASCHAL-Plan light - automated formwork planning

The formwork planning and warehouse management software PASCHAL-Plan light (abbreviated to PPL) supports every building contractor or planning engineer in large building firms so that the use of formwork can be planned to the very best and the site can be supplied in due time with the necessary equipment available in the warehouse. For this reason, PPL 11.0 consists of two modules. Complete formwork plans are created fully automatically with the 'Design' module. You manage your entire building yard warehouse and current construction projects with the 'Warehouse' module.

PASCHAL-Plan pro - formwork planning with AutoCAD

AutoCAD SchalungMit PASCHAL-Plan pro (PPP) can handle the most demanding formwork projects. The application provides predefined elements, for which data has been prepopulated. That means that formwork elements can only be placed at correct positions, and relevant accessories can only be used at their predefined locations on the element. The software provides 2D and 3D views.

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