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15.11.2017 PASCHAL for the 1st time at the Excon International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair
10.10.2017 Transforming hydropower into electricity. As India expands its hydropower potential, PASCHAL is there to help.
07.07.2017 A spectacularly shaped office building implemented quickly and cost-effectively thanks to close cooperation between ZÜBLIN and PASCHAL.
20.04.2017 Perfect circles with the TTR circular formwork!
06.04.2017 PASCHAL's most recent successful project in the Middle East, the Double Tree & Garden Inn by Hilton.
22.02.2017 The historic "Schierker Feuerstein-Arena" winter sports facilities to be given a new lease of life with support from PASCHAL.
24.01.2017 Hotel tower ─ 9,000 m³ of perfectly shaped horizontal reinforced concrete reaching 63 m towards the sky.
16.12.2016 If you have got a good overview, you are already one step ahead. PASCHAL provides support with logistic utilities
29.11.2016 PASCHAL supported the construction of an inner city bridge in St. Augustin with formwork and shoring system know-how
28.11.2016 PASCHAL for the 3rd time at the bC India international trade exhibition
25.10.2016 38-metre-high dam is being built in North Africa with a combination of 3 PASCHAL systems
23.09.2016 PASCHAL for the 7th time at the Saudi Build international trade exhibition
25.08.2016 PASCHAL has extended its rental park in the shoring systems segment
25.07.2016 New bridge built between France and Germany - the Strasbourg tram to Kehl.
28.06.2016 LOGO.S from PASCHAL - a new concept in housing construction - formwork panel with full integrated, folding occupational safety.
01.06.2016 Experience the new PASCHAL WebShop
31.05.2016 Energy generation and environmental conservation in harmony
18.05.2016 Demanding reinforced concrete superstructure built rapidly, safely and efficiently up to a height of 63 m using PASCHAL.
22.04.2016 Forming and concreting safely, quickly and economically with systems from PASCHAL.
19.02.2016 PASCHAL-Plan light PPL 10.0 live at bauma 2016 – Now new with slab formwork module.
26.01.2016 bauma 2016 is an opportunity for PASCHAL to showcase 'live' the benefits of its products, with the motto 'Efficiency in combination'.
07.12.2015 Concrete from the foundation to the roof for a residential complex in Munich.
11.11.2015 LOGO.3 and Grip in use on the construction site to cast of about 7,500 m², around 3,000 m³ of which as exposed concrete
20.10.2015 PASCHAL presents innovative Concrete Formwork and Support Systems with high Return on Investment.
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